Welcome to the venomous rattling of Ben’s poisonous pen…

Wow, out of all the WordPress sites in all the world you end up at mine.

Sick. I’m flattered. I hope you stick around. Make yourself comfortable.

Now, flick your eyes to the right, (your right, not mine) see them there category listings-(uh, if you’re viewing this on a phone you may have to hit ‘menu’ or do a quick scroll down). Have a browse.

Go ahead. That’s where I dump the rambunctious ramblings of my rancid mind.

You can expect to find some ranting, a bit of raving.  Lots of fiction, some of it of the Flash variety.

But listen, dudes. A little caveat. If my work was to be rated like a film, some of it would be U. And some of it would be X rated.

I don’t believe you should censor creativity so I allow myself to go with wherever the writing takes me. That said, I always try to warn if I think there’s material that could offend, so please, just use your noodle.

So happy browsing and please leave a comment if  you feel like it. Introduce yourself.  Let’s be friends.

Or frenemies at least. ‘Cause you can’t get on with everyone, right?



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